Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who will host Commonwealth Games 2018 Part two

All of you who have read my first post on Who will host Commonwealth Games 2018? must be aware that the main competition for hosting commomwealth games 2018 is between two finalists Australia and Sri Lanka.

Update from the commonwealth games is that both the countries have respectively submitted their bids to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) executive committee meeting on 10-May-2011. Evaluation Committee's will start the selection process next month and will complete the taks in September.

Finally in November both the countries have to make their final presentation and then the final votes will be cast.

Just to remind you that 2014 commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow, scotland from July 23 to Aug 3, 2014 .


  1. I would hope that sri lanka would win this. After the war it has spend all its defense budget to building the game park for commonwealth games. Besides if only commonwealth games are held on developing commonwealth countries, only few countries would get a chance to host the games. Commonwealth game committee could give a chance for the other countries besides developed once to show the potential that developing countries carries.

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