Monday, February 14, 2011

Who will host Commonwealth Games 2018?

I've been posting about updated of 2014 commonwealth games to he held in Glasgow. Preparation for the games and the committee is making slow and steady progress in this regard. Like you can see in the previous posts:

I wish there will be no mess up of things like what happended in Commonwealth games held earlier this year in Delhi, last time finishin of thigs was something that had whole particip[ating teams in deep concern. Much importat thig than the timely preparation is the corruption, perhaps Glassgow administration and organising comitte be full of honest people with no greed for money.

Now comming to the matter, the host for 2018 commonwelath games is still not decided and the two finalist for this competion are Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia or
Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Perhaps this will be decided withing next few months. I see strong chances of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia getting the chance to host the games. I'll keep you updated on which country will get the chances and other updated from the Glassgow 2014 commonwealth games.

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