Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Smooth sailing of Quees Baton this time

It seems that the Queens Baton relay can face some difficulties this commonwealth games. Right from the day the Queens Baton Relay started its facing some challenges like Change of program for the batons route in India due to the festival season. Then the queen Batons route again was changed due the pulling of Gambia from the commonwealth games.

Now today when the Queens Baton was to reach the holiday paradise Maldives it might face some strong violent protest going on in the country. There are some issues related to elections n the country that caused problems and some violent protest in Male. The Batons has to stay in the small island country for 2 days. We'll keep you updated about the Batons relay.

Recently the Baton had a successful outing of Sri Lanka and an average relay ceremony in Pakistan with some officials absent on the event of Baton relay.

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