Saturday, March 31, 2012

Commonwealth Games 2014 in the News

Its still quite a lot time left for commonwealth games to start making it large in media. Around 6-8 moths before the event we will start hearing news about Glasgow commonwealth games all over media (print, tv, radio and online etc.). So far there isn't much hype in the media about Glasgow commonwealth games but last year common wealth games are still in the highlight due to large amount of corruption done in the hosting country India at that time. Main criminal in that case is Mr Suresh Kalmadi. I'll not take you off topic by talking about a cause i.e a worry for almost al countries in the world.

Let me quickly summarize you about what's going on in the news for commonwealth games:

  1. Sarah Kelly the teenage international runner from Great Britain has recovered from the injury and is expected to make a comeback in the commonwealth games to be held in Glasgow. According to her coach Liz McColgan she is fully fit and training hard for the comeback.
  2. Its rumored that the security costs for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games may cross the budget approved by the Scottish Parliament. Scotish government has already once increased the security budget from £373m to £524m, but the new budget suggest that this may need to be increase further.
  3. Atos which is one of the leading international IT company has been named one of the sponsor of the Commonwealth Games 2014. Information about the same can be found at Atos website as well.
  4. This is not a news but an update or reminder for you that games will be held in July and August 2014

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